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Navy blue 2pcs Lycra Dress

Size: Xxxlarge 16-18/EUR 50

This Women’s Stylish Overall Dress is made of high-quality lycra fabrics, which ensure style and comfort.  It is designed with tiger prints making it more unique. It has a long sleeve hand. This dress is a Lycra long camisole and a long overall designs net dress on top of it. Stretches really well and is very beautiful for any occasion. Limited quantity and true to size. Our navy blue Elegant Dress is very beautiful for any occasion and stretches well. It is also true to size. 

  • Made of high-quality fabrics.
  • Ensure style and comfort.
  • Designed with light beading/stones 
  • Has a long sleeve hand. 
  • Elegant with a perfect size.
  • Stretches really well and is very beautiful