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Lalay meshed net set

Size: Large US 10-12/EUR44
Color: Navy

Anyone looking for the ultimate fusion of quality and elegance in their outdoor activities can go for the Lalay meshed net set. Any outdoor excursion can be made more enjoyable by its secure and cozy meshed net environment. This package includes all necessary stakes, poles, and accessories to enable quick construction and disassembly as required. You may take it outdoors at any time, whether you're going to the beach, a park, or on a camping trip, thanks to its lightweight construction. No matter where you go, its top-notch construction guarantees that you'll have the ideal protection and convenience. 

  • The Lalay meshed net set offers a safe and cozy setting for any outdoor activity.
  • Have stakes, poles, and other components included for quick setup and removal when required?
  • Its compact form makes it simple to transport to any location
  • Excellent quality guarantees optimal comfort and protection in any weather. 
  • Provides the ideal outdoor package for combining quality and elegance.
  • Durable materials mean long-lasting set
  • Perfect size fits perfectly on any court
  • Unique meshed design
  • Stylish navy color

With this Lalay Meshed Net Set, upgrade your wardrobe to the next level. This navy-colored outfit consists of three-quarter sleeves with plain slacks, a pant and blouse combination with a belt, and three-quarter hands. A subtle color beading adds subtle flair and class to the clothing. This outfit is ideal for any event and is sure to spark conversation. 

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